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The purpose of this website is to help anyone, but today especially help YOU, learn more about Estuary, and, if you are interested, help you connect with others for “estuary-like” conversations, in person, near where you live.

First things first: What is an estuary?

Geographically speaking, an estuary is the area where fresh water from a river meets up with the salt water of the ocean. It is a place of constant change, as when inland storms sometimes create torrents of water rushing towards the ocean, or when strong winds drive the waves to come crashing ashore. Estuary is where waves and currents meet, where the landscape changes constantly, where unique vegetation, and strange creatures, capable of adapting to different salt content, find their home. Estuary is a place of chaos, of change, of adaptation to different forces. Estuary is exciting, unpredictable, a place of adventure!

But we use “Estuary” metaphorically. Estuary is a place where people come for conversation. Honest conversation. Not ideological warfare, memes, and trolling, but mutually respectful attempts to understand one another, and to learn to appreciate different perspectives and viewpoints. Estuary is a place where different ideas and ideologies meet. Where participants allow themselves to be exposed to new ways of thinking, where listening may be as important as talking, where being open to feedback will force you to “hear yourself think”.

We also believe that in doing so we form new friendships. We build a unique new community. We may learn to love one another in ways we didn’t realize were possible. Some people have found a new life partner in an estuary meeting!

For more on the Estuary Experience view the videos below...
Perhaps you may be asking, is there such an estuary group meeting near where I live?

ConverZations happening

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