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What are some typical conversation topics?

Conversation topics arise from the group. Nobody brings a prepared agenda. Each meeting has its own unique flavor, depending on who contributes what. That said, here are some topics that have come up in recent estuary group conversations.

What is community, and what makes achieving true community so difficult?
Why does it matter what others think of me?
Is there life after death?
What about abortion?
What is social justice?
Are men and women fundamentally equal or different?
How, if at all, am I responsible for my parent’s well-being?
What is enlightened self-interest?
Does God exist, and if he/she does, does it matter?
Are churches a relic of the past? If so, what is taking their place?
What does my employer owe me, and what do I owe my employer?

For more on the Estuary Experience view the videos below...

Is there such an estuary group meeting near where I live?

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