Potential Venue Help Page

Building Name

The name of the building that would be used as a meeting place.


Is seating provided and is it flexible? For example, can the chairs be moved?

Food & Drink

Does the venue require consumption of food and/or drink? If so, what is the per person minimum?


What is the legal occupancy of the room?


What is the building's street address?


Which city or town is the venue in?


Which state is the venue in?


Which country is the venue in?

Zip Code/Postal Code

Type of Building

Is this a community center, a church, a coffee shop or something else?


Is this space free or is there a charge?

Contact Person - Name

Who could we contact to find out more about the venue?

Contact Person - Email

If possible, please include an email address that could be used to contact someone at the venue.